Beyonce sends gift to young burn victim who asked for Christmas cards

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SCHENECTADY, NY– A 8-year-old girl who lost most of her family in a fire two years ago received a special surprise from Beyonce for Christmas.

Safyre Terry suffered burns on more than 75 perfect of her body, and lost her hand and foot from the deadly blaze. But all she wanted this holiday was Christmas cards.

TMZ reported Beyonce sent the little girl a card that reads, “To My Survivor Safyre! You are such an incredible inspiration. Have a beautiful holiday.” Safyre also received a t-shirt that says “Flawless” from the pop star.

Safyre now lives with her aunt, who posted on Facebook in early December that the 8-year-old wanted cards to fill a tree. Since then, the family has received thousands of well wishes from around the globe.

You can send a card to Safyre at:
PO Box 6126
Schenectady, NY 12306

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