Notorious former Cleveland cop talks about book on his career

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CLEVELAND-- A new book is coming out about Cleveland's most notorious cop known for his no-nonsense style and use of deadly force. So the FOX 8 I-Team sat down with him one-on-one.

The book details the life and career of officer Jim Simone, who spent decades patrolling in Cleveland. He made headlines saving lives, getting shot, patrolling with his own video camera long before others and shooting suspects.

"I shot 15 people, and 5 died," Simone said. "I always felt not sorry for the people I killed because they caused it. I felt sorry for their families because families never understand why you did what you did."

Author Robert Sberna wrote the book, in part, because of what we see on the streets these days nationwide. So many people are protesting what police do and how.

"I think it's very easy to Monday-morning quarterback a cop. I think it's very interesting to find out what happened in that moment, in the split-second, the stress, the chaos that occurs," Sberna said.

Simone and his wife wanted the book written so his family, grandkids and even strangers could have a better understanding of his career.

"I would hope they would remember police are human. They're not Superman. They do the best they can," Lynne Simone said.

Jim Simone retired from the Cleveland Division of Police, but he still works for the city housing court and for Sheffield Lake police.

The book will be out in the next couple of months.