I TEAM: ATM ‘skimmer’ found at downtown hotel

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CLEVELAND - The FOX 8 I TEAM has learned investigators found a skimmer designed to steal your financial information from an ATM in a downtown hotel.

The Cleveland Police Financial Crimes Unit is investigating a device found at the Renaissance Hotel, and police believe they have security photos of a possible suspect.

A worker at the hotel noticed something on the ATM at the hotel, and it turned out to be a skimmer placed directly where customers would insert cards. Investigators don’t find many skimmers made quite as well the one in this case. Skimmers read and then store the personal information on the magnetic strips of your cards.

Plus, in this case, detectives found an added bonus: security video of the man believed to be to blame. Now investigators are trying to identify that man.

If you turn him in, you could get a reward. Call Crime Stoppers at 216-252-7463. You can also call the Cleveland Police Financial Crimes Unit, the lead agency on the case, at 216-623-5450.

Sometimes you can wiggle the slot where a card goes into a machine and check if some device may have been placed there. But in other cases, con men have gotten master keys to get into pumps at gas stations and place skimmers there hidden inside those units.