Woman says dog sniffed out her lung cancer, saved her life

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BALTIMORE, Maryland– A woman in the Baltimore area said her dog saved her life. Anne Wills told ABC News her 9-year-old shepherd-Lab mix, Heidi, sniffed out her lung cancer, and her oncologist agrees.

Fifty-three-year-old Wills told ABC News that every time she would sit down, her pup would not let her get up.  “She would scratch my arm, and she was very panic stricken and panting a lot.” Then, Wills said Heidi “started taking her nose and stuffing it in my chest and keeping it there and breathing in really deeply.”

Wills went to the doctor and three spots of cancer in her lungs were discovered. Dr. Esner Cole, who is Will’s oncologist at Saint Agnes Hospital in Baltimore, told ABC News, “This dog diagnosed the cancer before the doctors did, and it’s just something to marvel at.” Dr. Cole said if Heidi had not been so persistent, Wills’ cancer may have spread and been incurable, but now she is in remission.

Heidi is a professionally-trained dog that can sniff out drugs and find missing people and pets.  Wills said she had no symptoms and believes Heidi absolutely saved her life.  “If it wasn’t for what she did, I’d probably be making funeral arrangements,” Wills told ABC News.

Read more on Saint Agnes Hospital’s Facebook page. The hospital shared the photos above with FOX 8 News.