Video: Father, son pledge goes viral for wonderful reason

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NEWARK, New Jersey– A father and son’s pledge is so moving, it has gone viral.

Dad, Jenabu Williams, says he established a pledge with his 6-year-old son, Joshua, to help him stay focused and to hold him accountable for his actions during the school day.

It starts: “Today is going to be a good day.”

“I thank God for waking me up today.”

“I’m going to school so that I can learn and go to college to be the leader that God has created me to be.”

Joshua begins the pledge and Williams repeats after him.

Williams told TODAY that he started the pledge with his son a couple months ago after the first-grader brought home bad reports about his behavior. But, the pledge is doing the trick; Williams said he’s seen a big difference in his son. Williams also said the pledge allows him and his wife to share the things they want their son to value.

The video, posted on YouTube and on Williams’ Facebook page, has gone viral with over 82,000 shares on Facebook and over 3-million views.