Tot mistakes bearded shopper for Santa and he plays right along!

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HURRICANE, WV – Imagine that you are a tiny girl on a shopping trip to Walmart with your parents. You’re walking through the store, it’s right before Christmas, and suddenly….you…see…..Santa Claus.

It happened to Sophie Riley, who mistakenly thought the bearded gentleman at the end of the aisle was Kris Kringle himself. She slowly walks up to him and, not missing a beat, the good-natured lookalike played right along. Sarah let him know that there would be cookies waiting for him, but that he’d have to share them with the reindeer.

Sarah’s dad shot the adorable video on December 9th in Hurricane, West Virginia and has already been viewed over 127,000 times.

***listen to Sarah and Santa’s conversation in the video box, above***

Hurricane, WV