Lodi family’s pet black bear euthanized for health problems

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Fox 8 News

LODI, Ohio– The Lodi family that fought to keep their black bear had to put down their beloved pet.

Archie’s owner Debbie Gillium said a veterinarian euthanized the bear Friday morning. They gave him a special donut and yogurt for his last meal.

The bear was at the center of a legal battle. After a man freed more than dozen Bengal tigers and other exotic animals in Zanesville in 2011, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources moved to require permits.

The department said it did not receive the Gilliums’ application until more than a year after the deadline. The couple filed a civil case to block seizure of the caged and toothless bear.

Gillium said Archie had been sick, and had issues with his teeth and arthritis. He was in his early 40s.

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