Ellie Day compares incident with LeBron James to car crash

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CLEVELAND– The woman who was injured when LeBron James went crashing into the stands during the Cavs game on Thursday says she’s doing OK.

James was diving after the ball in the fourth quarter of the game against the Oklahoma City Thunder at Quicken Loans Arena. The 6-foot-8 power forward landed on Ellie Day, wife of pro golfer Jason Day.

She was carried away on a stretcher and taken to MetroHealth Medical Center, according to hospital spokeswoman Tina Shaerban Arundel.

“I am incredibly sore and exhausted. Being tackled by that large man I would compare to a minor car accident. My head and neck hit pretty hard so it was really scary. My whole body feels like it was hit by a truck,” Ellie Day posted on Twitter on Friday.

Ellie Day defended her husband, who some blamed for not protecting her. She also called the idea this was a ploy to get money “obviously absurd.”

“Much like attending a gold event and risking getting hit with a ball, sitting court side you risk getting run into. I would never make anything more of it. They’re huge men doing their job,” Ellie Day wrote.

The Lucas, Ohio native said she was thankful they didn’t have the couple’s young kids at the game. The pair welcomed their second child, Lucy, in November.

James apologized to the Days and said being courtside is part of the fan experience.

“Her health is very important and obviously, I hope she’s doing well,” James said after the game. “I think it’s a great experience for our fans and it’s unfortunate that happened tonight. It doesn’t happen much and, you know, our fans are way our game is so great.”

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