Cleveland man arrested for domestic violence warrant, alligator removed from home

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CLEVELAND - Police responded to a home on Cornelia Avenue on Thursday, arresting a man for domestic violence and removing an alligator from the home.

When police arrived, it was believed that the man inside may have had weapons and an alligator. Once SWAT responded, they entered the home finding the man and his alligator, but no weapons were found.

The man was arrested on a domestic violence warrant along with new domestic violence charges.

The alligator was removed from the home safely with the use of a dog pole and duct tape to keep it's mouth closed while it was transported to the animal shelter. Police say the home was in very poor condition.

No officers were injured by the alligator and he was given a small baby pool in his cage at the shelter.

The animal was never used as a weapon towards the officers, but the suspect was also charged with unlawful possession of an exotic animal.