Chance phone call becomes life-saving moment for Mentor woman: ‘He’s my guardian angel’

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MENTOR, Ohio-- A chance phone became a life-saving moment for a Mentor woman.

Kyle Madison works as a financial adviser at Merrill Lynch Wealth Management in Mentor. Two days before Thanksgiving, he was making calls to potential clients, when he dialed Sheila Martin's phone number.

Sheila, who has suffered from asthma all her life, was having an unusually bad attack that day and couldn't talk.

"I first said, 'Sheila, are you okay; are you okay?' She didn't have a response after that. That's when I became somewhat alarmed and I thought that I should probably take some action," Kyle said.

He immediately hung up the phone and called Mentor police and fire.

Sheila said she thought she could stop her asthma attack that day, but it kept getting worse. She said when police arrived, they came over with her next-door neighbor, who is a nurse. They then called for medics.

"911 came and they took me to the hospital, where I spent Thanksgiving and four days, but thank goodness he did call somebody because I would have possibly passed out, and then I would have had to wait until later that evening for someone to even find me," Sheila said.

While in the hospital, she thought about the telemarketer who took the extra step to make sure she was okay.  "I'd had several calls all over the years; no one's ever offered to help. Maybe he's my little guardian angel now, but thank goodness for him."

As soon as she got home, she let Kyle know that she felt he may have saved her life.

"After I got home and got better, I did call him and thank him because most people-- they don't want to get involved. They would have ignored it."

Sheila said she learned an important lesson from the experience: not to hang up on a telemarketer.