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I-Team learns punishment for teachers accused of sexual misconduct in Cleveland classroom

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CLEVELAND-- The FOX 8 I TEAM has learned two Cleveland teachers each have been suspended for 5 days after an investigation that began with claims of sexual misconduct in a classroom.
A district investigation could not prove the sex, but the district found “unprofessional conduct."

The teachers worked at RG Jones School on Cleveland’s west side. Students and a parent there said they saw a male teacher and a female teacher in an empty classroom in a steamy encounter. One student wrote, “They making out. He had his hands in her pants, and they were kissing.”

Those teachers denied any sexual relationship. But they told multiple stories of what happened.

They spoke to investigators, and then one teacher added to that statement, and then at a hearing they said more. They said the woman teacher sat on the knee of the man at a computer. And then they grabbed each other as the chair rolled and she almost fell. They also said a little later, he gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek since she was dealing with a personal issue.

In the end, the school district issued both teachers 5-day unpaid suspensions. However, those suspensions could be reduced by two days if the teachers complete counseling.

Both teachers have now transferred to other schools. We tried reaching them and their union president, but we did not get any calls back.

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