‘Hey Punks!’ Residents call out thieves caught on camera stealing Christmas lights

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CLEVELAND-- Residents in the South Hills section of Cleveland's Old Brooklyn neighborhood take pride in their homes and decorating for the holidays. But, they are angry because several young men have been prowling around the neighborhood at night, stealing Christmas lights.

A surveillance camera was rolling earlier this month when the suspects targeted a home owned by two deaf residents.

Two men make a beeline for the Christmas lights decorating the home on South Hills Drive. While one of the suspects serves as a lookout, the other goes up to the house and steals the lights. They then run back to the car.

A short time later, one of the men returns to the yard, moves a light called the 'Star Shower' and goes to the side yard, where he steals additional lights before running back to the car. When the residents realize that their lights are gone, they check the surveillance video; when they see the thieves on their property, they are livid.

Residents put up sign to catch Christmas light thieves- from Jack Shea pkg"They had nothing better to do than just come on this property and start stealing things that don't belong to them," said Janice D'ercole.

After calling Cleveland police about the theft, the residents put signs on their porch, alerting other residents about the Christmas light thieves and telling the "punks" they were caught on camera.

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