Looking for love: ‘Ethan the Shirtless Wonder’ becomes viral sensation after TV interview

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CHICAGO, Illinois — A jogger interviewed during a story on this year’s unusually warm winter weather is garnering lots of attention online.

Ethan Renoe, dubbed ‘Ethan the Shirtless Wonder’, was first interviewed on our sister station WGN Sunday night while he was running shirtless along Lake Michigan.

WGN posted video of Renoe on its Facebook page, and that video has been viewed more than 1 million times. Renoe was a hit with followers, some of whom even asked him out on dates.

Today, the runner shared his reaction to all the attention during another interview at the WGN studios.

“It’s really been crazy,” Renoe said. “I have about 900 friend requests (on Facebook) right now.”

When WGN asked him if he was “looking for love,” Renoe replied: “I am.”

Renoe is actually from Colorado.

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