Mom speaks out after photo of her Christmas tree overflowing with gifts goes viral

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UNITED KINGDOM – Emma Tapping is fighting the unwanted fame she has gotten recently when a photo she shared on Instagram went viral.

The mother told Buzzfeed that she shared a photo of her Christmas tree, surrounded by gifts, with her 258 Instagram followers.

Before she knew it, the photo was all over Facebook with people hounding her for spoiling her children, spending too much money and being materialistic.

She pointed out that the gifts were for her entire family and not just her kids.

“I love Christmas and I shop savvy to give [my kids] a good Christmas,” she said. “I would happily help anyone find the bargains or give tips on how I save. I think how I spend my money on my children is my choice. You may not agree, but this is three little kids’ Christmas tree being blasted.”