Fast food break-ins: Lakewood police search for suspect accused of getting in through drive-thru windows

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LAKEWOOD, Ohio -Police are currently searching for suspects accused of breaking into three restaurants in Lakewood.  At all three locations, there was a second person standing as the look out.

Authorities say one man broke through the drive-thru at the KFC restaurant on West 117th on Monday night and was not wearing any gloves at the time.

He left the KFC and proceeded to go to a Dunkin Donuts but left when the alarm went off.

The next night, he attempted to get into the Mr. Hero on West 117th.

After the first two attempts on Monday, he was seen leaving the area going westbound on Franklin on a mountain bike.

All three attempts were around 2 a.m., so police are warning restaurant owners to lock doors and have alarms.

Anyone with information should contact Lakewood police.