Best Christmas ever: Watch children’s beautiful reactions to receiving adoption papers

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HARRISBURG, Oregon– It was the best Christmas ever for an Oregon family. They gave their three foster children their official adoption papers.

Father, Michael Perks, told PEOPLE, “We thought it would be a good idea to put their adoption papers under the tree. We thought it would be a great surprise. It would be the best present that we could give them.”

It was a beautiful surprise which they recorded, and mom, Sarah Perks, posted the video on Facebook to share with family last Christmas.

The family told PEOPLE, Corbin, Kierra and Damien had been in their care for six years, so it was extra special to be able to make it official. The family has four other children.

Even though the video is a year old, Michael said it’s starting to get attention from all over the world as Christmas gets closer.

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