Akron police continue to search for leads in murder of pizza shop clerk

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AKRON - Police say they are receiving tips, but there have still been no arrests made in the senseless murder of an Akron pizza shop clerk.

Detectives are determined to solve the case, while the victim's loved ones are keeping his memory alive.

Thursday evening, members of the community continued to stop by the New York Style Pizza shop on East Glenwood Avenue in Akron, paying their respects to 21-year-old Zakareia Husein.

"It's heartbreaking. He did not deserve this at all. He did everything he could to possibly save his life and it wasn't enough," said Breyonna Wadas, who works at the restaurant.

Wadas was in the back of the restaurant as it was about to close Monday night.

That's when someone dressed in all black walked in, pointed a gun at Zak, who was behind the counter, demanded money, then shot and killed him after he complied with the robber's demands.

Akron police said more than a dozen people have called in tips about the crime, although no one has been arrested.

"My mom and my grandmother live right across the street," said Akron resident Michele Harris.

Shaken customers and Akron residents, like Harris, said Zak had a heart of gold.

Michele said she hopes the ominous surveillance video from the store can provide police some clues.

"I watched it and I watched him walk in and I'm trying to think, you know...what can I recognize to help," she said.

Wednesday night, more than a hundred relatives, friends and customers gathered in front of the pizza shop to pray and reflect. They say Zak's Islamic faith guided his life.

"Every day that we come in I would say 'As-Salaam-Alaikum' and he would say 'Alaikum-Salaam', which means 'peace be among you,'" said coworker Chris Yaceczko.

Now, this community is hoping to find peace when a suspect is caught.

"If we do find out, if and when...justice will be served," said Yaceczko.

"I just hope that when they do, that person gets exactly what they deserve for doing this, they need to be in jail or they need to be something because that was innocent life that was taken," said Wadas.

The Husein family is offering a $50,000 reward for information that can help lead police to a suspect.

Investigators believe the same person or persons who killed Zak are also responsible for two violent armed robberies at two Family Dollar stores in Akron Saturday night.