Merry gifting: the hottest toys of 2015

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CLEVELAND - Certain toys are proving to be the “must-haves” of the Christmas season.  Call For Action Reporter Lorrie Taylor compiled five of the most popular found on  2015 wish lists.

Anything having to do with the new Star Wars movie is in demand, especially the Spero BB-8 App-Enabled Droid.  It may be the closest anyone comes to having a robot for a companion with an adaptive personality and a range of expressions.

Lego`s another popular choice with kids this year, especially the City Deep Sea Exploration Vessel. The vessel floats on water while crew members and scuba divers search for sunken treasure beneath the ocean.  The model comes loaded with high-tech diving equipment, including a remote submarine and a scuba scooter.

Fans of the Disney movie “Frozen” are making the new Sing-a-Long Elsa Doll one of the biggest sellers of 2015. Kids can sing with Elsa as she performs her signature song “Let It Go.”

Taking the internet by storm and making its way onto Christmas lists everywhere is the Pie Face Game with a name that speaks for itself.

And finally, the Fisher Price Smart Toy Bear is proving to be popular with youngsters. Described by one retailer as an interactive learning friend with all the brains of a computer, it's  super cute and cuddly too.

Shoppers will find a range of prices, especially when buying online. Taylor reminds consumers not to fall for ridiculously low prices on popular toys.  A $100 Star Wars robot priced at $39 may be the first indication a con-artist  is attempting to separate someone from their money.