Man accused of kidnapping 5-year-old son from Alabama asks for visitation

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Bobby Hernandez (Courtesy: Cuyahoga County Jail)

CLEVELAND-– A man accused of taking his then 5-year-old son from an Alabama home in 2002, and creating a life for them in Cleveland under new identities, is now asking a judge to allow him visitation with the 18-year-old.

Attorney Ralph DeFranco, who represents Bobby Hernandez, filed a motion in court asking the judge to allow Hernandez to visit and talk by phone with his son.

A no contact order was issued last week.

“The defendant’s son is currently 18 years of age and residing with the defendant’s fiancée and children,” the motion reads. “Up until the arraignment and imposition of the order, the defendant was in contact with, by phone, and I believe in jail visits with his son, which are no longer an option.”

Hernandez is also asking for his bond to be reduced from $250,000 to either $25,000 or $50,000 along with GPS monitoring.

“The defendant is 53-years of age and has no criminal history,” the motion states. “He is and has been a resident of Cleveland, Ohio for about the last 13 years, residing on the near west side. He currently resides with his fiancée and her three children of her own, and a three year old daughter with the defendant. He was employed full time at Traveler Custom Case Manufacturing, which is still available to him.”

It’s unknown when the judge will make a decision.

Hernandez faces several charges including forgery, records-tampering and interference with custody. Authorities allege Hernandez took his son from the boy’s mother’s Birmingham-area home in 2002.

The ruse fell apart this fall when discrepancies with the 18-year-old boy’s Social Security number were discovered as he began the college application process. Hernandez was arrested in early November.