I-Team: Canton man accused of making threatening gesture to police

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NORTH CANTON – An elderly man is free on a $25,000 bond after North Canton police say he drove past a cruiser and made a gun sign at the officer.

The suspect, Michael Eisenhauer,  says he never intended to hurt anyone, and maintains his innocence.

Police say a vehicle driven by Eisenhauer , 73, pulled alongside a cruiser, “made a gun sign at an officer,” and then moments later said “cops should be killed.”

Reports state Eisenhauer was pulled over  on Ream Avenue, which is very close to the police station.

During the stop, police say he began to reach for something. When asked what he was reaching for he said a gun.

Eisenhauer faces a felony aggravated menacing charge and a traffic charge. He has pleaded not guilty.

Eisenhauer told Fox 8 over the phone that he is frustrated with police in general.

“I could go on for hours, ” Eisenhauer said. “I have a very good attorney and I intend to fight this in court.”

He is already on probation for an incident with another police agency.

He is due back in court soon on the current charge soon.