Man reunites with birth family – including his 7 look-alike brothers – after 45 years

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WATKINS GLEN, NY – Jeff Purner always knew that he was adopted. And he never had a problem with it, because in his words, “I had great parents.”

But after his adoptive parents passed away, he decided to send away for his Massachusetts birth certificate. But his mother’s name, Lynn Patricia Smith, was a very common one and nothing ever came of his internet searches. Last year, he tried one more time, and came across his mother’s obituary. That was where he read that his mother had married a man and had 9 children with him.

Purner went to Facebook to search  next, and found a family by that name. A picture on the page showed 7 brothers, all who looked a lot like him. The father’s name was Alfred Deeb. Purner got in touch with him and learned that when Deeb was 18 and his mother 17, they had a child together. Patricia was sent to Massachusetts to give birth, and gave the baby up for adoption. The pair reconnected a few years later, married, and had 9 children.

The 9 children learned  about their “new” brother  the day after his 45th birthday.

The new family plans to live “happily ever after“, according to


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