Police release more details on return of Brooklyn girl held against her will

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BROOKLYN, Ohio -- Authorities discussed more details about the disappearance of a Brooklyn teen and what led to her successful rescue nearly 600 miles away from her home.

Alexis Boroviak, 15, returned home Thursday night with her mother and step-father. She disappeared from her home while taking the dog out the night of Nov. 8 and was found in Missouri this week.

While some information indicated she left voluntarily, Brooklyn Police Chief Scott Milke emphasized this case involved a 15-year-old child and needed to be taken seriously.

Boroviak told the FBI she met Chris Schroeder, 41, through social media in October or early November. They had been chatting for about two weeks and she told him she wasn't happy at home before he offered to pick her up.

Police said Schroeder forced Alexis to take the SIM card out of her phone and throw it out the window on the highway. She said when she got to Missouri with him, she was afraid of him and wasn't able to leave.

“This is an extremely dangerous animal,” Prosecutor Timothy McGinty said, “who takes advantage of vulnerable kids in tough situations.” He said crimes usually take place in minutes, but this crime went on for weeks.

After 25 days of searching, police tracked Schroeder down. Brooklyn police said Alexis' mother found a new social media page she believed was her daughter. Authorities were able to get an IP address.

Schroeder said he thought Boroviak was 18, but she said she told him she was just 15.

Schroeder also told police someone else drove Boroviak to Missouri. But after searching his vehicle, they found a McDonald's receipt from Ohio. He also received a traffic ticket in Ohio, and it was dated Nov. 8, the same day Boroviak went missing.

Detectives and investigators from the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force said child predators like Schroeder spend weeks grooming a child in order to lure them. They'll tell children anything they want to hear to get them away from home, investigators.

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