North Randall police officer convicted of selling firearms to felons

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Kevin Ryan Lumpkin (Photo courtesy: FBI Cleveland Division)

CLEVELAND– Back in July, North Randall police officer Kevin Lumpkin was arrested by the FBI for selling firearms to two felons.

After two days of deliberating, Lumpkin was convicted on Friday. He had been on house arrest before the trial.

In August 2012, while searching a residence, a local police department found single firearms and boxes of firearms. Authorities determined the weapons had been purchased by Lumpkin, 29,  and at the time he bought them, he was a North Randall police officer.

A pistol that was recovered during a traffic stop was also traced back to Lumpkin, according to the FBI. That pistol was found in the car of a suspect with an outstanding warrant, who was arrested.

Lumpkin is set to be sentenced on February 29 for two counts of unlawful sale of firearms to a felon. He faces a maximum sentence of 10 years for each charge.