First responder says he saw ‘unspeakable carnage’ after San Bernardino shooting massacre

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SAN BERNARDINO, Calif.– Authorities in San Bernardino provided an update Thursday night on the shooting that took the lives of 14 people Wednesday morning.

As of Thursday afternoon, all of those victims had been identified.

“It was pretty clear when we knew we had an active shooter, and when we saw the severity and the amount of carnage upon our initial entry, that this wasn’t just a rogue individual, that there was something more,” San Bernardino Police Lt. Mike Madden told reporters, describing the aftermath of Wednesday’s mass shooting there.

The entire room was decorated with Christmas trees for the holiday party which had 91 invited guests. Authorities are not sure of the exact number of people in the room when the shooting occurred.

“It’s a fairly large meeting room and I noticed upon entering that there’s a Christmas tree in there. All of the tables were decorated for a Christmas party, and it just seemed so senseless that here’s people going into their holiday festivities, and now we were dealing with that.”

Lt. Mike Madden said he one of the first officers to arrive on the scene and just happened to pull up to the right location near the building.

He said one of the most difficult things to do was going by injured people in the building, but he knew that his officers needed to contain all possible threats before rendering any aid.

Madden also said that he has trained for these kinds of situations since Columbine, but that when it happened it was very surreal.

Police said two people, wearing black and armed with semi-automatic rifles, opened fired in the Inland Regional Center during a holiday party. The suspects, Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik, were killed in a shootout with officers.

At least 21 people were wounded.

Investigators found more than 3,000 rounds of ammunition and a dozen pipe bombs in the couple’s home.

An exact motive has not been released, but President Barack Obama said “it’s possible” the shooting was terrorist related.

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Kaily Cunningham December 3, 20159:04 pm

FR: you can’t let your emotions override your judgement 

Kaily Cunningham December 3, 20159:00 pm

FR: We were told that there were several suspects, and when we arrived there was the smell of gun powder in the air

Kaily Cunningham December 3, 20158:58 pm

FR: It was difficult to pass people who needed medical attention, but had to make sure the threat was contained first 

Kaily Cunningham December 3, 20158:57 pm

FR: We got people out as quickly as we could

Kaily Cunningham December 3, 20158:57 pm

FR: The carnage we saw was unspeakable 

Kaily Cunningham December 3, 20158:55 pm

FR: My goal was to assemble a team to enter the building and engage the active shooting

Kaily Cunningham December 3, 20158:55 pm

FR: Out of pure luck that I pulled into the right location and just south of where the tragedy took place

Kaily Cunningham December 3, 20158:55 pm

FR: I realized as I was getting closer that I was one of the first to get there

Kaily Cunningham December 3, 20158:54 pm

FR: I could hear in our dispatchers voice that this was real and there was an active shooter

Kaily Cunningham December 3, 20158:54 pm

First responder: Although we have trained, something we are never prepared for

Kaily Cunningham December 3, 20158:53 pm

12 of 14 killed were county employees, 2 were not. 

Kaily Cunningham December 3, 20158:52 pm

Police: 18 or 21 injured were county employees, other 3 were not

Kaily Cunningham December 3, 20158:52 pm

Police: 91 invited guests to the party, not sure of exact number that attended

Kaily Cunningham December 3, 20158:51 pm

FBI: Reiterates that they will follow where the evidence takes them

Kaily Cunningham December 3, 20158:50 pm

DA: We are going to support victims and their families

Kaily Cunningham December 3, 20158:50 pm

DA: We are very saddened at the loss of the victims

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