Who’s to blame for Browns losing season? Cleveland fans chime in

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CLEVELAND– Frustrated fans sounded off following the Cleveland Browns 33-27 loss to Baltimore during Monday Night Football.

We asked viewers who’s to blame for the Browns losing season. Out of more than 2,500 people who responded, nearly 40 percent said general manager Ray Farmer was the most at fault, followed by owner Jimmy Haslam and head coach Mike Pettine, with 21 percent and 19 percent.

About 4 percent pointed fingers at Johnny Manziel, who was demoted for off-the-field issues, and the team’s defense. Quarterback Josh McCown, who suffered a season-ending collarbone injury on Monday, received the fewest votes with just 4.

Fans had plenty more to say on the FOX 8 News Facebook page:

“The NFL for giving Cleveland back their franchise in 1999.” –Robert James

“All the above! The Cleveland Browns are the most clueless organization from the top down in all professional sports.” –John Pohorence

“Farmer and Pettine should and need to be fired” –Eric Featherlin

“I blame Haslam for Johnny! Farmer for the bad draft picks! Pettine for some bad coaching decisions!” –Bryan Sleva

“In order: Haslam, Farmer, Pettine, Manziel.” –Rob Hill

“The Cleveland Browns in general! Move the team to Los Angeles!” –Paul Warren

But Erica Konecny had the most popular comment, saying, “Cleveland fans need to boycott and not spend one more cent of their hard earned money until the browns can come up with better. Cleveland fans deserve SO much better than the crap they are getting!”

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