Police union president confirms officers in Tamir Rice case read statements at grand jury

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CLEVELAND – The president of the police union says two officers involved with the Tamir Rice shooting did appear in front of the grand jury.

Steve Loomis, union president, says officers Frank Garmback and Timothy Loehmann appeared as subpoenaed to the grand jury, where they were sworn in, and read their individual written statements.

**Read both of their statements HERE**

Their statements were also submitted to the Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s Department during their investigation prior to their appearance in the grand jury.

Tamir Rice was shot last November. Police thought the gun he was handling was real. It was an airsoft pistol that police say looked like a real gun.

Rice’s family says they want the officers charged. They say the 12-year-old was shot in less than two seconds after police arrived.

Police say they ordered Tamir to put his hands up and when he reached for his waistband he was shot.

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