‘Find my iPhone’ app reunites teen with stolen phone, helps locate robbery suspect

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CLEVELAND - A smart phone and some tech savvy police officers help put an armed robber behind bars.

19-year old Bomani Poon-Soto is happy to have his iPhone 6s back in the palm of his hand. He's even happier he had an app downloaded called "Find my iPhone."

"This one guy just came out of nowhere," he said.

The high school senior says he and two friends had gone to the movies Saturday night, then stopped at a friend's house on Delora Avenue in Cleveland. A couple hours later, around 3:00 a.m. Sunday, they were walking home when a man robbed them.

"Out of nowhere, he was like, 'I want you guys to empty out your pockets,' we looked at each other like, is he for real? And then he just showed out his gun a little bit...like pretty much a warning, we still looked at each other and then he clocked it, and then that's when everything changed," said Poon-Soto.

The friends emptied their pockets, the man took their belongings and ran. They then called police. Officers Tony Gonzalez and Christian Stipkovich responded...one of them had an iPhone. They used it to find Bomani's phone, hoping it would lead them to the suspect.

"Good thing the officer also had an iPhone and he also had the 'Find my iPhone' app, so I just put in my email address, my password and boom, then and there we were able to find it," he said.

The officers tracked the phone to a home on West 20th Street in Cleveland. Investigators say they found 26-year old Justin Ramos of Walton Hills, inside.
They say Bomani and his friends positively identified Ramos and the officers were able to return their stolen belongings. They also found a black handgun inside the car investigators say Ramos was driving.

"It's really good to have, like, it's good to like have that type of stuff because you never know when your stuff could get stolen, like what happened to us, so we were able to find our phones," said Poon-Soto.

Cleveland police say Justin Ramos has a long criminal record, including convictions for burglary, intimidating a witness, drug trafficking and carrying a concealed weapon.