Doctor with the magic touch shows how to calm a crying baby — every time!

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SANTA MONICA, Ca. — A California doctor is sharing an amazing technique for anyone who has ever had to deal with a fussy baby.

Dr. Robert Hamilton, of Santa Monica, has been a pediatrician for 30 years.

“One of the greatest joys I’ve had in life is I’ve been able to care for literally thousands of newborn children,” he said.

He posted a video to YouTube Nov. 29 explaining a technique he’s come up with over the years called “The Hold.” Using a handful of his baby patients, he demonstrated how the technique works very quickly to comfort crying infants.

“Parents have learned it and have experienced great success at home. You can too,” he said.

One challenge has always been communicating with parents if their infant is crying.

To watch Hamilton in action and to learn the steps of “The Hold,” watch the video player above.