Cuyahoga County Prosecutor reveals closer look at Tamir Rice case

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CLEVELAND - The Cuyahoga County Prosecutor has released new evidence in the police shooting of 12-year-old Tamir Rice.

This release is a sequence of enhancement photos from surveillance cameras that shows the timeline of the events, before and after the shooting of Rice.

The enhancement shows 326 still frames and the timeline of the events from two different surveillance cameras. Out of respect to Tamir's family and loved ones, FOX 8 has never shown the moments Tamir Rice was shot. We are also not including the frame that shows the 12-year-old boy being shot.

Some of the still frames show Rice sitting at a picnic table at the Cudell Recreation Center last November 22. A few seconds later he stands up.

When the cruiser gets closer to him he appears to put his hands near his stomach or waistband.

Police have said Officer Timothy Loehmann shot Tamir after he reached for his waistband.

Attorneys for the family say Tamir was shot in less than two seconds after the officer arrived on scene. Attorneys for the family want charges filed against the officers.

This enhancement was done by Grant Fredericks of Forensic Video Solutions, in Spokane, Washington.

The enhancement along with three other expert opinions will be presented to a grand jury hearing evidence in the case. The grand jury has been meeting since October. On November 4, the I-Team cameras were rolling when the grand jury visited the scene of the shooting.

Samaria Rice, Tamir's mother, is expected to testify at the grand jury in the next few days.

Three other experts have submitted reports to the prosecutor saying they believe the shooting was tragic, but justified.

Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Timothy McGinty released the following statement along with the images:

The Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office today has released a sequenced video enhancement that shows the timeline of events immediately before and after the shooting of Tamir Rice.

The enhancement shows 326 still frames and timeline of events from two different surveillance cameras. It uses metadata from the surveillance video to establish the timeline of events. The enhancement was conducted by Grant Fredericks of Forensic Video Solutions in Spokane, Washington.

This and all other reports will be presented to the Grand Jury for evaluation.

The attorney for Tamir Rice's family released the following statement:

Last night, Assistant Prosecutor Matthew Meyer wrote us about this enhanced video, but didn't give it to us, saying "There isn't much new information in there." We agree, with one exception. The enhancement definitively disproves Prosecutor McGinty's experts' claims that Tamir was reaching into his waistband and lifting up his jacket. The video continues to reveal police officers rushing upon 12-year-old Tamir without assessing the situation, and Officer Loehmann fatally shooting the child immediately. And the officers fail to administer first aid to the boy while he lay bleeding and dying on the ground.

Prosecutor McGinty chose yet again to give this video to the media, with strict instructions not to show it to the Rice family. The frames contain editorial comments that attempt to make excuses for the officers. Tamir, for example, may be lifting his arm in shocked reaction to being shot. The effort to characterize the evidence is hardly fair play and is one of many reasons the Rice family and clergy throughout Cleveland lack confidence in the prosecutor's fairness in this matter.

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