ITEAM: Music star Eric Carmen files complaint against brother over royalty money

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CLEVELAND - The FOX 8 I TEAM has uncovered explosive claims from one of Northeast Ohio’s biggest musical stars.

Eric Carmen says big money has disappeared from an account for his royalties. Carmen says the books for a trust fund are a mess, and he blames his brother, a lawyer overseeing the fund.

Royalties are still coming in from gold and platinum records, the work of singer/songwriter Eric Carmen. He became a star with the 70s group, the Raspberries, and he then went on to a successful solo career.

But Carmen has just filed a complaint in Cuyahoga County Probate Court. That complaint says his brother, Fred, a lawyer, has mismanaged a trust fund with hundreds of thousands of dollars in question. The court papers say Fred Carmen has paid himself more than $600,000 in legal fees for little work. Plus the complaint raises questions about plane tickets, $15,000 transfers, money for “maids”, and more.

Eric Carmen alleges the Trust is in a “financial mess”, and the documents outline how Carmen’s been unable to get straight answers.

The I TEAM reached Fred Carmen by phone. He said, “I’m not sure where all this came from. But there is no missing money. I’ve always managed his money with transparency, honesty and integrity.” Fred Carmen added, “I’ve paid all of his bills on a daily basis for years and years and years. There’s never been a question in all of those years.”

Eric Carmen is asking or financial damages  for breach of contract, negligence and more. And he wants his brother to step down as Trustee.

Fred Carmen is a former mayor of Mayfield Village.

He contends every penny is accounted for with documentation. Fred Carmen said, “I think he’s jumped to some bad conclusions. I’m not sure why.”

The court filing, however, shows Eric Carmen tried for months to get documentation, and he still has not been able to see the books.

Brother against brother heading to court.

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