Dash cam, body cam video show tense moments during police chase, crash on Dead Man’s Curve

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CLEVELAND-- Police dash camera and body camera video reveal tense moments surrounding a police chase and crash that shut down the westbound Shoreway at Dead Man’s Curve during Friday night’s rush hour.

According to a Bratenahl police report, a license plate check of a dark blue Mazda on Eddy Road revealed the vehicle was stolen and there was an associated felony warrant for grand theft associated with it.

When the officer tried to make a stop on I-90, dash camera video showed the driver, 26-year-old Ronald C. Daniels, of Cleveland speeding away and weaving through traffic. According to the report, speeds topped out at 105 miles per hour with Daniels clipping a car, and damaging the side-view mirror before crashing into several other vehicles at Dead Man’s Curve. The report states that Daniels tried running up a nearby embankment to get away, and witnesses pointed the officer toward him.

The video shows the officer with his weapon drawn using his cruiser’s PA system to order the suspect, who had his hands raised, to the ground.

“Get on the ground; get on the ground on your stomach. Do not move. If you get up, you're going to get in trouble, you hear me?" the officer said, as Daniels complied with his orders.
The officer got Daniels into handcuffs, read him his Miranda rights and questioned him about why he was running away. According to the report, Daniels stated it was because he knew the car was stolen.

“When I got on the freeway, I was just scared, ya know?” Daniels said.
“If you pulled over, it'd be a whole different story,” the officer replied.

The crash involved a total of six vehicles and caused minor injuries to another person. It shut down I-90 WB for more than three hours. Daniels, who could be seen bleeding from his face in the video, was treated for minor injuries then taken into custody. He was arraigned Monday on charges of grand theft, as well as felony charges of receiving stolen property and fleeing.