Christmas lights extravaganza will continue to shine at North Ridgeville house

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NORTH RIDGEVILLE, OH - The lights won't be dimming on a popular holiday display in North Ridgeville, despite an order that some of the decorations be removed.

Thousands of people had signed an online petition to preserve the huge Christmas display on Cambridge Drive; the homeowner went door-to-door drumming up his own support.  It appeared their efforts were not in vain.

"I do it pretty much all myself and I'm out here in the cold," said homeowner Bob Mangan as he explained his 17-year commitment to lighting up his neighborhood street.

Mangan said his holiday spirit nearly broke when he came home to a citation demanding he clear the sidewalk and tree lawn of all decorations. The citation was issued after one resident complained about the traffic generated by his display of 45,000 lights.

"This display is going nowhere this year, I'll tell you that right now," insisted a defiant Mangan.

North Ridgeville Mayor G. David Gillock spoke with Mangan and Fox8 on Monday.  He said he intended to visit Mangan’s home and make his own decision about how the situation should be handled.

"We never told him you have to take down the lights," said the Mayor, "We are not saying it's got to go."

The Mayor said there's no reason Mangan’s decorations can't stay as long as they're not blocking the sidewalk.

"We want to work with Bob so next year he will know what he can and cannot do," said the Mayor.

Mangan was glad to hear the news; neighbors who signed his petition to keep the lights burning were no doubt happy as well.

Joe Pettry, a neighbor, said he loves the lighting extravaganza just a few doors from his own.

“It’s Christmas,"Pettry said, "I love it.”