Store owner finds treasure trove of Cavs’ memorabilia after buying abandoned storage locker

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MENTOR, OH -  An area businessman took a chance on a storage locker and ended up with items belonging to a former Cavs player.

Jeff Noble regularly goes to auctions to look for inventory for his store, the Second Chance Thrift Shop in Mentor-on-the-Lake.  Last Thursday, he outbid seven other people for a storage locker, thinking he could sell the king size bed and other furniture in it.  He soon found out he bought the abandoned locker of Samardo Samuels, who played for the Cleveland Cavaliers a couple of years ago.

“I started seeing brand new tennis shoes, lots of them.  It ends up being over 25 pairs brand new size 15, 16 Nike shoes.   And then I saw some jerseys. It was Samardo Samuels. There were some Cavs playbooks, Cavs team policy manual.  As, we dug a little further we found some paychecks."

Noble intends to sell the items in his store and on Ebay.  He expects to make much more than the $425 dollars he spent on the storage locker.

Samuels now plays basketball on a European league in Barcelona.