I-Team reveals problems with Cleveland security cameras

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CLEVELAND-- The FOX 8 I TEAM has exposed problems with Cleveland security cameras that could affect your safety.

Now city council members are also demanding answers to many of the questions we’ve been asking for months.

We’re investigating the security cameras you see on poles all over the city with little blue lights-- now more than 100 of those cameras.

Multiple law enforcement sources have told the I TEAM they have asked for video of crimes or other incidents, only to be told the cameras in that area weren’t working. For months, we’ve asked for a breakdown of cameras and repair problems, but the city has said it can’t tell us because that would be a matter of Homeland Security.

At a council Public Safety Committee hearing Wednesday, some councilmembers grew frustrated trying to get the same answers we’ve sought.
Councilman Zack Reed asked, “How can these cameras go into disrepair downtown?”

Others pointed out sometimes trees block the cameras, and even at times, the blue lights don’t work.

The city contracts with Motorola for the cameras. The I TEAM confronted a company representative who’d been at the council table. He said the company would be putting together a report for the council in the next two weeks, but FOX 8 would have to request that from the city. He also pointed out the first cameras went up in 2007, so the equipment is aging. However, the company now has a new alert system in place to notify technicians immediately when cameras go down.

One taxpayer we met said, “Oh, that’s scary. I live downtown.”

We’ll stay on this to find out more in the coming weeks after that new report on the cameras goes to city council.

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