Investigators work to identify victims of Akron plane crash

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AKRON, Ohio-- Investigators are now piecing together what happened to a small jet that crashed into an Akron apartment building Tuesday afternoon.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol said a 10-passenger Hawker 700 hit a four-unit apartment building just before 3 p.m. The plane, which was owned by ExecuFlight, flew out of Wright Brothers Airport in Dayon and was on approach to Akron Fulton Airport.

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The highway patrol said a pilot, co-pilot and seven passengers were on board, and there were no survivors. The families have been notified.

Most of the victims were from Florida, including employees from Pebb Enterprises.

No one on the ground was injured.

The recovery process will take time and the Summit County Medical Examiner's Office is being assisted by 22 applied forensic science students from Mercyhurst University. Family members of the victims should call 330-535-6131 to provide additional information to the medical examiner to make proper identifications.

"We extend our deepest condolences to the families and loved ones of the victims of this crash and ask the community to join us in remembering them in our thoughts and prayers. We also want to acknowledge the trauma and loss experienced by our local residents whose homes were affected and those who witnessed this terrible event," Akron Mayor Jeff Fusco said.

The crash destroyed one apartment building and caused damage to two others. According to the highway patrol, up to 12 families were displaced and the Red Cross is helping them.

The Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board is now in charge of the investigation.

Jen Steer November 11, 201512:04 pm

Ohio State Highway Patrol, Summit County Medical Examiner’s Office, Akron police, Red Cross and Akron Fire Department present at news conference.

Jen Steer November 11, 201512:05 pm

Highway patrol says plane was 10-passenger Hawker 700 owned by ExecuFlight. It left Wright airport in Dayton.

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Highway patrol has manifest. There was a pilot, co-pilot and seven passengers. Families have been notified.

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Most of the victims are from Florida. Pebb Enterprises has released a statement.

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One residence was completely destroyed. It was a four-family apartment complex. Up to 12 families have been effected on the ground. The Red Cross is assisting those families.

Jen Steer November 11, 201512:08 pm

Highway patrol: “The recovery process is going to be lengthy in time.”

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Summit County Medical Examiner’s Office is being assisted by Mercyhurst University applied forensic science students. Victims families can contact 330-535-6131 to provide additional information to help make IDs.

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FAA and NTSB are on scene, and will be taking over the investigation. They will answer more questions about the plane.

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Vice chairman of the NTSB will be at the scene and hold a 3 p.m. news conference today.

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Highway patrol says the plane crash scene is a confined area.

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Medical examiner’s office says it will take a while to get the medical records to make the identifications. There are about 22 students helping. The highway patrol has provided equipment to measure exactly where each victim was located.

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No one in the main apartment building effected. It will take a while to get the other two buildings livable again, patrol says.

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Details about maydays or engine failure will come from NTSB.

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News conference is over.