Former prison guard opens up about O.J., says Simpson keeps photo of Nicole Brown by bed

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A former guard who worked at the prison where O.J. Simpson is being held says the convict keeps a photo of Nicole Brown next to his bed.

Jeffrey Felix, who retired from Lovelock Correctional Center in Nevada, recently spoke with ‘Inside Edition,’ shedding some light on Simpson’s habits and actions behind bars.

Simpson was acquitted in the murders of Nicole and her friend, Ron Goldman. But he’s serving a lengthy prison sentence for armed robbery and kidnapping.

Felix says not only does Simpson keep a photo of his former wife, he becomes “very upset” on their anniversary each year. Felix also says he asked Simpson point blank if he killed Nicole and Goldman.

“He gave me that look,” Felix told ‘Inside Edition.’ “The look that says – I don’t want to go there.”

Felix added that Simpson is respected in prison and is treated like a celebrity. Felix also described him as a model inmate.

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