Officer surprises distraught driver with heartwarming act after traffic stop

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SOMERVILLE, Ma. — A woman who had just gotten devastating news about her mother was promptly pulled over for speeding on her way to work.

But it was the officer’s reaction that turned a horrible time into one she will never forget.

WCVB reports that Robin Sutherland had been told her 90-year-old mother was about to begin hospice care this week.

“No matter how old you are, how old your parent is, you’re never ready,” she said. “I though I had kept it together until I was pulled over.”

While the officer was running her information, Sutherland became emotional.

“It just sort of hit me in those few quiet moments what was really happening,” she said.

Sutherland hadn’t gotten a speeding ticket since the 1980s. The officer let her go with a written warning. But later that day, the officer gave her much more.

She sent a bouquet of flowers with a kind message that said: “I hope you find comfort in knowing she lived a long life and will continue to live in your heart and in your memories. Signed, the officer who pulled you over this morning.”

That officer was Ashley Catatao, and she said she just wanted to help a person in need of comfort.

“I felt bad that I couldn’t just sit there and talk with her and give her a hug. After she left I thought about it and it didn’t leave me,” said Catatao.

Sutherland says she hopes the story reminds people that police not only keep people safe, but can be thoughtful beyond expectations.

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