Young girl reunited with brother in the Army after more than five years apart

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GREEN, Ohio - It was a moment that was five years in the making.

Army Specialist Josh Wagner is finally reunited with his baby sister who barely came up to his waist then, but can now give him a great big hug.

Before the reunion, the entire family and staff at Marisa's school had to work together to make the surprise happen.

Josh couldn't wait to see how much she's grown.

"I always knew that she was going to be spirited" Josh said.

Josh has also changed in the five years since he enlisted in the Army in 2010 and even though he's been deployed twice and has seen a lot of the world, getting to see his sister again made him a bit nervous.

About half the school was called to the gym for an assembly they were told was for their Veteran's Day project next week.

They were told that they were going to meet a soldier.

But it wasn' t just any soldier.

Wagner will now spend the rest of the month at home with his little sister and family.