LeBron James tears open sleeves on too-tight jersey

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CLEVELAND– LeBron James has intentionally torn the sleeves on the new jerseys being worn by the Cavaliers in their game against the New York Knicks.

James has said in the past that he’s “not a fan” of the body-hugging jerseys because they restrict him when he’s shooting. On Wednesday night, an irritated James, in the midst of a 4-of-11 shooting performance in the first half, did some in-game alterations by ripping the seams on the sleeves around his biceps.

The Cavaliers were wearing the black, retro uniforms for the first time this season.

“The jerseys are nice. We love the jerseys. The black looks great. It’s been awhile since this franchise has worn black. So it’s great to be out there and wear those uniforms. I was in my own way. I was frustrated with my shot, I couldn’t make a bucket, so like I said, I had to take it out on something,” James told reporters.

James initially complained about the sleeved jerseys following a loss in 2014 when he played for the Miami Heat. He said they didn’t provide enough room for his arms or shoulders.

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