I-Team: Vegas, girls and Jimmy: Federal prosecutors release Dimora evidence

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CLEVELAND - A Vegas pool where clothing is optional.

A hotel rendezvous with a woman in Sin City.

Jimmy Dimora was living the life - because of bribes.

That's the case that federal prosecutors presented to a jury - using over 1,200 exhibits that they released on Thursday, many of them from FBI surveillance recordings, photos, and videos.

Dimora, the former Cuyahoga County commissioner, was convicted on over 30 bribery and corruption-related charges, and is currently serving a 28 year prison sentence in California.

The massive corruption probe broke in 2008 - when the FBI launched a massive series of coordinated raids in one day.

The year before, the FOX 8 I-Team had broke the story of a federal probe of county government.

Dimora continues to maintain his innocence - as he did last December in his first interview from prison that he did with the I-Team.

In a 2010 I-Team interview, Dimora denied a contractor, Ferris Kleem, hired a Vegas prostitute for him.

"(He says) he paid this woman a thousand. I paid nothing like a thousand, I paid a tenth of that for a massage" Dimora said then.

In a recorded phone conversation, Kleem is heard asking Dimora about the woman, "was that the best or what?"

"Yeah," Dimora replies, "a little chatty, but good."

Dimora maintains that he didn't take bribes, and only awarded county contracts to the lowest and best bidder.

But prosecutors said the wiretaps proved Dimora was taking bribes in exchange for county work.

On one call, Dimora is asked by the person on the other line about the Vegas trip.

"Everything will be taken care of, right Jim?," Dimora is asked.

"Yeah, that's what Ferris said. Everything will be fine with the rooms," Dimora replies.

Photos released on Thursday indicate the "room" Dimora stayed in more resembled a lavish suite.

Ferris Kleem pleaded guilty to bribery charge in the scandal.

In his interview with the I-Team last year, Dimora said that what he missed the most about Cleveland was his family.

"I'm not in good health," he added.

Dimora says he now has to use a walker or a wheelchair to get around.

On an FBI tape, Dimora is heard describing the "crazy antics" in Vegas after "the girls by the pool, they came up by us...."

That world must now seem a lifetime away, as Jimmy Dimora sits in prison in a California desert.

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