Couple charged after girlfriend allegedly pulls knife on male at bar in Eastlake

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Megan Nakasen , left. Benjamin Espich, right. Courtesy Eastlake police.

EASTLAKE – A couple was arrested and charged after they allegedly got into a physical altercation at an Eastlake bar.

30-year-old Megan Nakasen of Euclid was charged with felonious assault and aggravated menacing.

Her boyfrield, 31-year-old Benjamin Espich of Indiana, was charged with complicity to felonious assault and tampering with evidence.

According to police, Nakasen approached a male friend and put her arms around his throat. According to witnesses, she then pulled out a pocket knife and held the blade against his throat.

Espich didn’t allow anyone to intervene while Nakasen was holding the man’s neck.

When police arrived, both were intoxicated and arrested.

They both told police there was no knife involved, but Espich had a pocket knife on him when police searched him.

They are both being held without out bond until they are arraigned.