Monday Morning Running Back: ‘They should have put Manziel in’

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CLEVELAND, Ohio -- The Browns got clobbered Sunday, losing 34-20 to the Arizona Cardinals.

Browns legend and former running back Greg Pruitt stopped at Fox 8 News Monday to break down the game.

Joshn McCown, who committed five turnovers in his last two games, started Sunday despite suffering a right shoulder injury versus the Rams.

McCown looked like he was in some pain at several points during the third quarter, but he remained in the game, at one point waving off Johnny Manziel who was waiting on the sidelines to replace him.

McCown was finally replaced by Manziel late in the fourth.

Pruitt said he felt McCown should have been pulled earlier from the game.

"I thought at one time he probably should have come out. One of the things he does, he plays well but gets to a point where the offense doesn't do anything, and he tries to do more than he should."

Watch the video players for more.

Pruitt will be with us each Monday or the day following a game all season long.

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