‘She is the reason I am still here’: Mom believes newborn baby girl saved her life

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CONCORD, North Carolina — A mother who had an emergency Cesarean section at a North Carolina hospital is crediting her baby daughter for saving her life.

ABC News reports that Shelly Cawley had actually planned on a natural birth when she found out she was pregnant. But she was eventually diagnosed with a blood clot and other complications, and experienced a dangerous spike in her blood pressure.

Doctors performed a C-section on Sept. 5, 2014, and a healthy baby girl, Rylan, was born.

But mom wasn’t waking up; her body began shutting down.

“It was so fast that doctors said if Shelly had not already been asleep with the breathing tubes in place, doctors would not have been able to get the tubes in fast enough,” her husband, Jeremy, told ABC News.

She was placed in a medically induced coma. And about a week later, a nurse suggested putting the baby girl on Shelly’s chest to encourage Shelly to fight for her health and wake up.

Sure enough, as soon as the baby cried, Shelly’s health stabilized.

“If that wouldn’t have happened, Shelly wouldn’t have been here today,” Jeremy said.

About a week later, Shelly was brought out of her coma. She was in rehab for about six months.

Now, Rylan is 14 months old, and Shelly is fully recovered.

“I genuinely believe with my full heart that Rylan is the reason I am still here,” she told ABC News.

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