Climbing Cleveland: Photographer risks everything to get the ultimate shot

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CLEVELAND-- Climbing to all-new heights in Cleveland.. literally. A young man named Kevin is capturing our city in a unique-- but daring-- way. He's one of a handful of social media photographers who risk everything to get the ultimate shot. But, as he tells us, for him, the risk is worth the reward.

**See his interview in the video above and check out a web extra along below. In the web extra video, Kevin describes what it was like to climb the crane at the Hilton Hotel**

Because Kevin is breaking the law to get some of these photos, we did reach out to the City of Cleveland for comment:

"We strongly urge all those who seek thrills this way to reconsider their actions and reflect upon how easily you could find yourself in a critical or deadly situation, thereby putting others at risk who would be called upon to rescue you while pulling assets from other emergency situations unnecessarily."

**Check out Kevin's photos in the gallery below; CLICK HERE to see his Instagram page**


(In case you're wondering about the music in the story,  the song is“Don’t Look Down” by Martin Garrix, featuring Usher.)