Australian accent result of heavy drinking by settlers, professor says

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(Courtesy: MGN Online/Joshua Lurie)

MELBOURNE, Australia- A professor at Victoria University in Melbourne says his country’s accent is a product of alcohol.

Dean Frenkel, a lecturer in public speaking and communications, criticized Australians’ way of speech in a piece in The Age.

“The Australian alphabet cocktail was spiked by alcohol. Our forefathers regularly got drunk together and through their frequent interactions unknowingly added an alcoholic slur to our national speech patterns,” Frenkel wrote. “For the past two centuries, from generation to generation, drunken Aussie-speak continues to be taught by sober parents to their children.”

He said lack of articulation and poor communication are costing the country billions of dollars. Frenkel also praised the American education system for including public speaking in the curriculum and hoped Australia would follow suit.

“Australia, it is no longer acceptable to be smarter than we sound,” Frenkel concluded.