Cleveland residents concerned, upset after several car windows shattered overnight

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CLEVELAND - No one heard a thing.

But residents saw plenty when they came out of their homes first thing Thursday morning as they got ready to leave for work.

“I come out to this. You ain't prepared to come out to see none of this," Gavin White said as he looked at the rear window of his car.

White's car, his cousin's SUV and their neighbors' car were all hit; their windows were shattered and glass everywhere.

They said it's frustrating and will be expensive to repair.

White said it's a sign that he needs to move somewhere else.

“I can't be down here much longer with my kid. I need to get out of here and go somewhere else," he said.

A similar scene was repeated up and down Bartlett Avenue from the Shaker Heights line down to 131st street.

This all happened just a block away from where the windows of a school bus were shattered Wednesday morning.

No one on the bus was hurt and authorities don't think it was a gun shot that broke the window.

But what happened to the cars in this neighborhood is very similar.

Many of the victims just taped up the windows and headed off to work.

Their lives have to go on despite someone in the neighborhood who wants to do harm.

As with the school bus incident Wednesday, no one in the area thinks their windows were shot out with a gun.

But whatever was used was very powerful to break windshield glass and in one case, dent a car radiator.