Video: Police stop suspected drunk driver before she can hurt herself or someone else

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NEWBURGH HEIGHTS, Ohio--  With dash and body cameras rolling, police stop a suspected drunk driver just before she could have hurt herself or someone else.

Police received a call that a woman was seen slumped inside her vehicle, near a  busy intersection,  which happened to be located right outside the Newburgh Heights Police Department last Thursday.

Officers pounded on the woman’s window, and yelled at her several times in an attempt to get her attention.

When she finally woke up, she put her foot on the gas and tried to drive away.  However, a patrol car was in front of her, blocking her exit, which caused her to burn rubber and fill the street with smoke.

The woman told police she had five Long Island Ice Teas before getting inside her car.

Newburgh Heights Police Chief John Majoy said he decided to talk about the incident, not to embarrass the woman, but to make sure people realize just how dangerous it is to drink and drive.

“Unfortunately for her she was charged with an OVI; however, that is better than the alternative of having to serve her family with a death notification because she drank too much and got behind the wheel of a car,” Majoy said.

The woman, a college student,  told police she had been drinking because she was under stress due to mid-terms.