Transgender woman pens heartbreaking note on Facebook before walking into traffic

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LOGAN, Utah- A 26-year-old Utah woman shared her struggles with depression on Facebook before taking her own life.

Ashley Hallstrom (Photo via GoFundMe page)

Ashley Hallstrom (Photo via GoFundMe page)

Last week, Ashley Hallstrom walked into oncoming traffic and was hit by a dump truck, Logan police told the CBS station in Las Vegas. But before her violent death, Hallstrom posted a suicide note on social media.

“These are going to be my final words. I can’t stand to live another day, so I’m committing suicide. The reason why I’ve decided to do this is because I’m transgender,” she wrote on Oct. 14.

Hallstrom said she didn’t want to be a statistic and urged others to share her story.

“From a very young age I was told that people like me are freaks and abominations, that we are sick in the head and society hates us. This made me hate who I was. I tried so hard to be just like everyone else but this isn’t something you can change,” Hallstrom said.

She ended her post with, “Please help fix society.” Some friends replied, urging her not to hurt herself.

Friends of Hallstrom started a GoFundMe page to help pay for her unexpected funeral. They raised more than $3,600 and closed the campaign.