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Missing Georgia Tech student who was robbed, hurt found thanks to iPhone feature

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ATLANTA, Ga. -- Police continue to investigate what happened to a Georgia Tech student found injured along railroad tracks in Atlanta three nights and two days after he disappeared from a party.

Friends who found 24-year-old James Hubert by tracking "pings" from an iPhone say he told them he was robbed and beaten after he left the sorority party Friday night.

WSB reports that Hubert's friends, Emma Jeffery and Alexandra Vandelinde, have known him for years. They used the feature "Find my iPhone," which led them to the railroad tracks. They began to look around, and finally found Hubert.

"We were about to turn around, and then I said, there was a shaded area over in the ditch," Jeffery told WSB. "And I said, 'You know, what's that?' And then sure enough, it was Jimmy. And I thought I made two phone calls. I thought he was gone."

Hubert was found without his shoes or wallet. He told Jeffery he was beaten by a group of men.

EMTs responded to the scene after he was found. A cell phone video shows their reactions when they realize it was Hubert.

Hubert was found just a few blocks away from a MARTA station. Spokesman Lyle Harris says the transit agency has no proof Hubert rode any MARTA trains during the time he was missing.

Hubert remained in an Atlanta hospital Tuesday.

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