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Michelle Obama, LeBron James speak at education event in Akron

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AKRON, Ohio — LeBron James teamed up with Michelle Obama to celebrate the importance of secondary education at a private event at the University of Akron.

The NBA superstar and First Lady hosted thousands of children and their parents on Wednesday. The kids are from the programs James has started through his family's foundation.

"I was telling Mr. LeBron that he has two huge fans in the White House. That's me and that's President Obama," Michelle Obama said. "We love this man because of the man he is, not because of the athlete he is... He is a role model and we are so proud of the fact that he is stepping up so huge for this state, this city, for the families in this room."

During the summer, James announced a partnership with the university to provide free four-year educations to city students who qualify.

"We're here because all of you are amazing and I want you to take that in," the First Lady said to the students. "We're here because you have big dreams. I hope you do."

"LeBron might be your hero, but you all are our heroes," Obama said. "That's why he's investing so much in you."

Obama recently launched her Reach Higher public awareness campaign to encourage students to aim higher than just a high school diploma.

James, who went from high school to the pros, grew up in Akron and the 30-year-old father of three has spent much of his career giving back to his community.

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